Dosa Plaza

Who is Dosa Plaza?
We are a company located in India by the name of PREM SAGAR DOSA PLAZA PVT. LTD. We have 35 company owned and franchised outlets in Dine- in restaurants and Express stores under the brand name DOSA PLAZA,(The Worlds widest Menu in Dosas) operating in major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Ahmedabad etc. serving authentic and fusion south Indian cuisine. We are also in the process of opening our franchised restaurants in Dubai, Middle East and in the USA. In India our restaurants are located in Shopping Malls and High streets.
Why join Dosa Plaza Franchisee?
We are a leader in this new innovative concept of serving traditional south Indian cuisine with a fresh creative approach. We are in business for 10 years and during this period Dosa Plaza concept has been proven to work. We have a strong brand presence supported by a well organized support system like marketing, training, branding, etc. Dosa Plaza provides maximum returns on your investment.
What is the USP of Dosa Plaza?
Besides the strong Brand image, Trained Chefs, Patented recipes and wide variety of authentic menu are the Unique Selling Preposition of Dosa Plaza.
Why not I open my own outlet and why take Dosa Plaza’s Franchisee?
Worldwide, Franchising is accepted as a better business format than opening own stores. This is because apart from being less risky, a franchise of a repute having established business would save you from the hassle of going through all the troubles of locating vendors, developing systems, designing menus, signage, layouts etc. The advertising, marketing and other important aspects of the management of a business are also taken by the franchisor.
What are the royalty fees?
The royalty fees for the franchised outlet are 8% of the total monthly gross sales. 2% of the royalty fees collected will be spent on advertising for the franchised outlet. The advertising fees will include developing and creating of advertising designs and materials.
If I don’t meet the financial criteria to become a franchisee, can I partner with someone who does?
Yes, you can partner with someone to become a franchisee. You need to provide financial details of each member of the potential franchisee group.
Does Dosa Plaza provide financing for restaurant development?
No, Dosa Plaza does not provide financing.
What qualifications are required to become potential Dosa Plaza franchisees?
Basic requirements are people and financial management and the ability to work as a team with our organization meeting objectives in a timely manner. Dosa Plaza will provide all the restaurant system support for the smooth functioning of the business.
What support will I receive for being a Dosa Plaza franchisee?
Market Study
Restaurant Development
Management support
Operating systems
Brand Marketing
Product development
Vendor Development
Do I need to be working in the restaurant on a daily basis?
No, but it is strongly suggested that you have a direct supervision on the functioning and accounting of the business. As part of the franchisee support we can provide you with an experienced manager to look after the day to day operations.
What are the returns I can expect on my investment?
Dosa Plaza does not provide information on returns. The amount of returns depends on various factors, including effective business management, effective sales marketing to drive volume and controlling of operational costs. Dosa Plaza is a business that runs profitably all hours from 7AM. To 11PM- “Any time meal”. Our menu offers low food cost thus giving scope for higher gross profit and an amazingly having low break even point.
Does Dosa Plaza select the site for the restaurant?
No. You are required to select the site. The area measure of the site though needs to be approved by the representative of Dosa Plaza in order to determine the restaurant model.
Will I receive opening assistance and ongoing support?
Yes. Dosa Plaza will provide all the necessary support for the opening and ongoing operation of the restaurant. We will be placing trained staff for both kitchen and restaurant operations management. Apart from this we will have ongoing refresher training conducted by our training team. We will also have our operations consultant who will support the business operations on an ongoing basis and changes suggested as and when required.
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